Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainbow Cake! Confetti Rainbow Cake Using Yellow Cake Mix

Rainbow Cake!
Today I tried my hand at making a rainbow cake as seen all over pinterest!! A .99 cent box of Yellow Cake Mix & $1 box of food coloring from The Dollar Tree!

I used some of my sons smaller plastic cups to seperate the batter after i made it as normal. In hindsight, i should have chosen larger cups or not have filled the cups so much. It was tough stirring it around once i put the food coloring in.

I put about 3-4 drops of food coloring into each and mixed it with a fork. Everything looks great except for purple!!! Which i should have known was going to happen as i have a hard time making purple when making my sugar scrubs... (when you think of the scent Sweet Pea do you think purple? cause i do!!)

It ended up being a grayish purple once i was done mixing... I poured it into my 13x9 inch pan in an S shape, using half of the cup the first time. once i had used all the colors the first time around, i went back and used the 2nd half of the cup.

i baked it as suggested on the box & pulled it out of the oven to find the top of the cake was really dark! 

at first, i panicked and then i was sad. then as i sat waiting for it to cool, i realized it would probably look fine on the inside (yes a derp moment!) And it was! it looks great on the inside. Much like confetti.

  My son loved it! Here he is being silly! I had made this cake using Yellow Cake Mix, i had no icing unfortunately so no fancy pinterest worthy photos with the white icing (lol) but even without it, this photo was taken just 4 minutes of cutting it! It's now nearly half gone :)

Until next time :)

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