Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013 Giveaway by Sew Amore!


Today i'm starting my May Giveaway! Head on over to and like my page. Giveaway is pinned to the top. All you have to do is be a fan of Sew Amore!, Like and Share the original post! By Liking AND sharing you are entered into the giveaway twice!

A random winner will be selected May 10th! The winner will receive this rainbow slouch hat + free extra goodies!!

Rainbow Crochet Beanie GIVEAWAY! Ends May 10th 2013

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainbow Cake! Confetti Rainbow Cake Using Yellow Cake Mix

Rainbow Cake!
Today I tried my hand at making a rainbow cake as seen all over pinterest!! A .99 cent box of Yellow Cake Mix & $1 box of food coloring from The Dollar Tree!

I used some of my sons smaller plastic cups to seperate the batter after i made it as normal. In hindsight, i should have chosen larger cups or not have filled the cups so much. It was tough stirring it around once i put the food coloring in.

I put about 3-4 drops of food coloring into each and mixed it with a fork. Everything looks great except for purple!!! Which i should have known was going to happen as i have a hard time making purple when making my sugar scrubs... (when you think of the scent Sweet Pea do you think purple? cause i do!!)

It ended up being a grayish purple once i was done mixing... I poured it into my 13x9 inch pan in an S shape, using half of the cup the first time. once i had used all the colors the first time around, i went back and used the 2nd half of the cup.

i baked it as suggested on the box & pulled it out of the oven to find the top of the cake was really dark! 

at first, i panicked and then i was sad. then as i sat waiting for it to cool, i realized it would probably look fine on the inside (yes a derp moment!) And it was! it looks great on the inside. Much like confetti.

  My son loved it! Here he is being silly! I had made this cake using Yellow Cake Mix, i had no icing unfortunately so no fancy pinterest worthy photos with the white icing (lol) but even without it, this photo was taken just 4 minutes of cutting it! It's now nearly half gone :)

Until next time :)

Monday, April 8, 2013


oh yeah! FLASH SALE! now until midnight april 8th 2013 !

Weeeeell. I ended up not going to the once a month expo yard sale due to waking up feeling sickly! The past week my husband had been sick with a crazy cold and it appears my son Jaeden and I are beginning to get our own colds :( My poor beebz sounds so pathetic when he talks. Like his nose is plugged up! >.<

Today was a lazy. Filled with hot tea & honey. And vicks. mmm! But I did manage to have some quality time with the feathers i got in the mail yesterday! While my hubbs was outside playing real life minecraft....I was able to create some really funky feather earrings!

This was a late night post, so I'm going to wrap it up with some pictures :)

 my first order from !

More earrings and proper photos to come :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My first facebook giveaway & some shout outs!

Greetings all! I just posted my very first giveaway on Facebook tonight! If you are interested in winning these awesome earth dangle earrings features above, just head over to my Facebook page and like us! the giveaway is pinned to the top. Comment to enter my giveaway once. Share and comment to be entered twice for a higher chance to win! Remember, you must be a fan of my page to qualify! Check it out here:

Electric Purple, Hot Pink and Aquamarine Bubble Mailers 4x7 in. 50 PackAre you familiar with If so, have you ever bid and won an item? Have you ever listed items to be auctioned off? Due to some technical difficulties with paypal, I'm unable to list items to auction on tophatter. I did however bid and win my first item recently! I love them! I was able to get a great deal on them. You can find the shop on etsy here: ChubbySmile

Earlier in March, I had several ideas for projects come to me all at once. Here is one! Filigree flower cone caps! They are so fun. And i love acrylic flowers. they are always so bright and vivid and make for some fun earrings. If i can, I love to buy my jewelry supplies on etsy. While searching for the components for some filigree flower caps, i found this etsy shop! Breathtaking Beadzz ! She has such an AWESOME array of jewelry making supplies!!! At amazing prices! 
40 Acrylic Beads 5 Petal Point Star Daisy Flower Frosted 17mm (1020luc17m2)
Shoo, you'd think i'm some sort of Breathtaking Beadzz undercover promoter for her considering how many times i've praised her shop to others. Haha! Here is what i created using her beautiful supplies!
Filigree Cone Cap Earrings -Trumpet Long Filigree Flower - Acrylic Flower Cap Earrings - Long Filigree ConeFiligree Cone Cap Earrings -Trumpet Long Filigree Flower - Acrylic Flower Cap Earrings - Long Filigree ConeFiligree Cone Cap Earrings -Trumpet Long Filigree Flower - Acrylic Flower Cap Earrings - Long Filigree Cone


That is probably about it for right now. Hopefully i can blog more often and learn the ins and outs of it all....This weekend I am visiting our local Expo center to check out the monthly "yard sales" they have and hopefully find some inspiration from the craft displays i will see! I'll be sure to bring the camera to share with all of you! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


New in my etsy shop are CROCHET SLOUCH HATS! These are slouch hats made with cabled brims of all colors and styles.


Coming soon, are more new items! Here's a sneakpeek!

Hey there, sale!